Intrapreneurship and Human Resources

The concept of intrapreneurship is becoming more and more popular. By adopting the intrapreneurship approach, businesses encourage the entrepreneurial spirit of their employees and allow new ideas to develop within the organization. The functionality of this approach is built together with human resources management systems, thus enabling organizations to become more efficient, innovative and competitive.
Intrapreneurship means that an employee develops an innovative idea within the organization and brings this idea to the business. Businesses offer various training and development programs to their employees to gain internal entrepreneurship skills, enabling them to freely share their ideas and contribute to the development of the organization by putting these ideas into practice.
Established systems and techniques can address different employee characteristics, creating an appropriate internal culture for an organization to be innovative, flexible and more entrepreneurial. Thus, it can design employee-organization relations towards a collective entrepreneurial cooperation.

HRM practices should be the driving force for corporate entrepreneurship because it involves organizational learning driven by collaboration, creativity and individual commitment. In order to encourage corporate entrepreneurship in a company, it is very important to create the needed internal culture and environment first. Creating a suitable environment for intrapreneurship is the first step of human capital resource. Proper selection and placement practices for this formation are one of the most important tools that determine and facilitate the level of human capital and corporate entrepreneurship. In addition, managerial support and positive attitude encourage intrapreneurship and enable the generation and development of new business ideas.

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