Human Resources Trends

Human resource management is one of the strategic factors for the success of businesses. Businesses use strategic human resource management practices to find, develop and retain talented employees. In recent years, many trends have emerged in the field of human resource management. Let’s talk about some of these current trends;
Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence: Digitization means that businesses optimize their business processes with digital technologies. This trend is also observed in the field of human resources management. Artificial intelligence (AI) and automation technologies are used to accelerate the recruitment processes of businesses, increase efficiency and find the right candidates. In addition, chatbots and other automated response systems are used to answer questions and communicate with candidates during the recruitment process.
Flexible Working Models: Businesses moving away from traditional 09:00-17:00 working hours and offices are turning to flexible working models. Models such as telecommuting, self-employment and temporary work allow businesses to provide more flexibility to their employees. This helps employees achieve work-life balance while also giving businesses access to a wider talent pool.
Multicultural Work Environments: With the increase in globalization, businesses need to work with employees from different cultures. Therefore, the trend of creating multicultural work environments is becoming widespread. While these environments allow different cultures to work together, they also help businesses compete in international markets.

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