avea executive offers you global solutions – assigns competent executives.

We always take place beside you in executive selection and recruitment process of your company to take you to future and make your company the leader of the business competition. We maintain your corporate image but make it stronger in time.

avea executive is a challenging company specialized in the search and recruitment process of executives. It has proven success in the national recruitment area as well as the global one.

Giving priority to the main resource of your company which will add value to your enterprise while achieving your goals, avea seeks executives within the concept of tailored services adaptive to the needs. We believe that we base our success on our values and ethical approaches.

Achieving right and effective human resources solutions via avea executive…

Why avea executive?

With Experienced Consultants

In order to respond to your human resource needs with scientific methods, avea Executive aims to benefit from the selection and placement of managers with high ethics and standards. The methods used may be traditional or contemporary, but comparative evaluation criteria are taken into consideration and research-based and measurable values are adhered to.

International Connections

It is used according to the needs of our customers. We serve you together with our overseas solution partners whose success has been proven in multinational companies and government organizations in the international arena. It operates abroad as well as in Turkey, and provides selection, placement and management consultancy services to Turkish companies operating abroad.

360 Degree Competency Tests

It supports the selection and placement procedure with the Garuda profile or the Focus profile, which are tests that can measure 360-degree competence at the request of the customer. We present these test results, which are organized in a virtual environment, in the form of a report, in writing and/or via internet, at the request of our customers.

Candidate Research, A Broad Framework

All researches are done with great care and confidentiality. Candidate research for avea Executive is carried out within a wide framework and all references are evaluated.

Our Executive Search Process
How do we proceed?

Defining The Needs


Creating Strategy

Potential Candidates


Candidate Interview

Bring Into Balance

Compliance Process

Our Standards

Yetkinlik ve Kapasite

Competence and Capacity


Our Responsibilities

Danışmanlık ilişkileri

Consulting Relations

Pozisyonun Açıklanması ve Netleştirilmesi

Clarifying the Position

Kapsamlı Araştırma

Extensive Research




On Time Reporting

Pozisyona ve Firmanıza Uygun Adaylar

Eligible Candidates

Detaylı Referans Kontrolü

Detailed Reference Check

Adayla Sözleşme Yapma Konusunda Yardımcı Olmak

Contract Process



Sözleşmenin Kapsamı

Scope of the Contract

Who Are We?

Basic Principles

We are strongly tied to the ethical values during the realization of our projects.

Competency and Proficiency
We successfully finalize our projects on time with our highly competent and proficient team members.

Our Fonder

Senior Consultant / Founding Partner

İnci Gülsün Özkul graduated from Business Administration Faculty of Marmara University in 1986. She attended Philosophy Department of Middle East Technical University for two years.

Her thesis is about ‘Measurement Stress and Motivation in Changed Organizations’.

Vision / Mission / Principles

Assigning highly qualified and competent executives who add value to our client companies.

Assisting our clients to be a strong ring of global value chain with proper candidates.


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