Organizational Identity and Executive Search

Organizational identity is the way a business defines itself, raises awareness and introduces it to its target market. It is a concept that includes the characteristics of the business such as its mission, vision, values, culture, products and services. It should reflect the organizational identity, business strategy and goals of businesses and help employees understand and embrace the values ​​of the business.

Executive search is the process of searching for top managers or executive candidates of businesses. This process aims to select the managers in accordance with the needs of the business and to find the most suitable candidates to realize the goals and strategies of the business. Executive search is a tool for the business to find talented and experienced managers.

There is a relationship between organizational identity and executive search. The organizational identity of the enterprises should be reflected in the characteristics and skills of the managers of the enterprise. The mission, vision and values ​​of the business are the factors to be considered in the selection of the managers of the business. Businesses should select suitable candidates in the executive search process, taking into account the organizational identity of the business.

As a result, organizational identity can be used as an effective tool in the executive search process of the company. Businesses can protect the culture and values ​​of the business by choosing managers who are suitable for the organizational identity. Executive search helps businesses find talented and experienced managers, while organizational identity helps the business guide new managers in line with the culture and values ​​of the business. For this reason, it is important for the success of the business that businesses consider the organizational identity and executive search processes together.

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