Our Standards

1. Competency and Capacity
Before agreeing to realize any search we will;
  • We review time, knowledge and experience we have for each special project of each client thoroughly. We get information about those relations and their results that might lead to potential conflicts of interest.
  • We state our limitations performing our task which might effect our relations with other clients.
  • We discuss the subject with our clients in a clear end comprehensive way parallel to our policy and ethical principles.

  • 2. Our Responsibilities
    Our project consultant dedicated to you will lead the project from the beginning to the end; will be your primary contact; will be responsible for clarification of the subject directing the team members accordingly.

    3. The Consultancy Relationship
    The aim of retained executive search consultancy is defining qualified and highly motivated executive candidates and assigning them to the proper positions through a deep extensive searching process.

    Within this concept retained executive search consultancy is accepted a form of management consultancy based on an exclusive agreement and on a pre-determined retainer fee.

    4. Explanation of the Position
    The searching consultant helps the client to determine the qualifications of the executive candidates using his/her knowledge in the sectors.

    5. Extensive Search
    Even though the existing sectoral end personal information is fully used by ourselves, a comprehensive research is also made on basis of each different project to access further information about target companies and candidates.

    6. Confidentiality
    Executive search project necessitates the client to display highly confidential information. For more effectiveness, the consultant also requires explanation about the client's current situation, strategy and plans. In this respect, our consultant is responsible of the confidentiality of all your information thus carefully giving limited information to candidates.

    7. On - Time Reporting
    Our consultant prepares detailed reports on time and informs the client.

    8. Proper candidates fulfilling required positions and suitable to the client's organization
    The consultant carries on interviews with the qualified candidates. These interviews should covers;
  • The level of experience and the candidate's business success
  • The educational level and background of the candidates
  • His/her intellectual formation, communication skills and motivational characteristics
  • His/her strong and weak characteristics for the position
  • His/her cultural adaptation to the client's organization
  • His/her interest in the position
  • His/her expectation with respect to salary package

  • 9. Detailed Check of References
    We take the references from the candidates maintaining their privacy. Calling the references, we verify candidates' information.

    10. Assisting the Client while negotiating with the candidates
    The consultant who is the project leader helps to facilitate the negotiation prior to signing agreement between the client and the candidate.

    11. Follow up
    Search consultant follows up you and the candidate to provide the candidate's adaptation to work and the company organization easily.

    12. Scope of Our Agreement
    The subjects which are clearly expressed;
  • The explanation of the project,
  • The explanation of the project,
  • Definition of our responsibilities in case recruited leaves the company within the determined period,
  • Our payment conditions covering all the fees